??? Faq and Answers???


Do you offer group rates? No group rates are only offered to groups who are scheduling to come to the park on a weekly basis

Do you offer military discounts? Yes, we offer a military discount of $2 off admission. A military ID card is required.

Are coolers allowed? Coolers are allowed; however, they are subject to random inspections to ensure safety for all patrons. No glass containers or alcohol allowed.

Do you have activities for babies?
There are 2 pools for babies: a 2 ft. pool behind the platform of the trapeze pool, and a baby section is roped off at the end of the long slide pool

Do you serve food?
No McDonald’s, Hardees, and King’s Restaurant are within 2 miles of the park.

Is there an admission charge for non-swimmers?
YES! There is a charge for all who enter the park. This does not include private parties. We do not charge for non-swimmers at private parties.

Do you have pool breaks?
We have two pool breaks: 12:30-1:00 and 3:30-3:45. During this time, children must be supervised, and no one may enter the pools.

Do you have certified lifeguards? We have 4 certified guards on staff every day.

Do you offer memberships? We do not offer memberships at this time.

Do you offer swim lessons? Yes For more information call 520-WEST.

Do you allow floats? Yes If the park is extremely busy, we ask that you refrain from using full body floats.

Do you have lifejackets? We do have complimentary use of lifejackets.

Mon – Sat  10am-5pm     Sun 1pm-5pm

Full Day Pass  -  $10
Half Day Passes Available
10am - 12:30pm or 1pm - 5pm
Half Day Rates:  Weekday - $7  Weekend - $8